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Pet Carriers Fashion for four legged friends.

Nothing says "here comes the chicest pet in town" than our line of pet carriers. Lightweight yet sturdy, roomy yet cozy, stylish yet practical. Inside, your dog or cat will feel comfortable and safe. Outside, they'll be impressing everyone on two legs (and four legs too). If your they’re truly your besties, don't they deserve to be carried in style?

COSMETIC BAGS Dress up your makeup

Finally, a glam way to carry all your glam. In a Sleeko cosmetic bag. There's plenty of room for all it takes to put one of your many head-turning looks. Whether you need just enough makeup for a night out, or many nights away, your Sleeko bag keeps everything you need at the ready. With a variety of patterns and colors, your makeup will feel made up too.

TOILETRY BAGS Wherever you go, take a Sleeko

Whether it’s a weekend away or weeks on the road, take your bathroom necessities along in one of our roomy toiletry kits. Attractive, waterproof and durable, these Sleeko bags are great for all kids of travel. Makes for a great gift for anyone who wants a touch of style when they’re on the go.